Male Logistics provides third party containment (sort, rework, kitting, light assembly, warehousing, inspection, etc.) and other support services for OEM and Tier Level Suppliers.  Our primary work has been in the automotive industry, but we also provide these type services for other industries as well.

Our company is approved for services by many major OEM's in North America.  Our staff works to maintain consistent delivery of superior results, through applied experience, expertise, competence, and a commitment to continuous improvements and customer satisfaction.  Do you have containment quality issues?  Male Logistics has many years of experience with product containments.  It doesn't matter whether your products are customer driven or supplier initiated, our staff works to protect your customer from suspect products through our containment services.

Male Logistics offers inspection, sort, and rework services for a variety of automotive manufacturers, other type manufacturers, and vendors throughout North America.  We can provide services ranging from visual checks to light assembly, warehousing, fulfillment, and bulk containment.  We can provide inspection services on incoming supplied components that you send to our facility or on your final outgoing product after we have inspected, kitted, or packaged.  We can also provide these services at certain locations within your manufacturing process if necessary or required.  In addition to inspection and containment services offered, our company has been reworking parts for the past two decades.  We are equipped to handle both short and long-term projects and we provide timely and accurate customer reporting for all the sort and rework we perform.



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