We provide quality inspection work for suppliers and manufacturers.  Our specialized inspection services are available at our facility or at your site if necessary.  We can pick and deliver materials needed for any inspection job.  We have a team of automotive related experts with over 150 years of experience in the automotive industry to complete all your inspection needs.  Our inspection manager has over 35 years of automotive experience and we can provide the level of care that you expect and deserve.

When you are trying to decide between “doing it yourself” or outsourcing inspection services, you should calculate the lost opportunity cost to your staff, travel expense, labor with benefits, the disruption of product flow and work space and lost customer confidence. The actual cost of doing it yourself may be sharply higher than using Male Logistics third party services.

Key Benefits:
Reduced salary, benefits, and travel cost
Our experts handle on-site issues
Daily updates of open issues
Receiving inspections
Lower response time



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