The kitting process involves picking the pieces your customer desires and packaging those pieces according to your specifications.  On some occasions, packages must be broken down from the original containers and re-packaged into smaller or different packages with more or less items than contained in the original packaging.  Male Logistics' staff can break down existing case packs and repack them, using appropriate sized cartons that match the new case pack requirements and specifications.  Our staff can also make up assortments of multiple items to build a new assortment case pack per your instructions.  Our facility and staff have extensive experience with taking multiple items, each containing their own unique UPC , and creating a repacked mix and labeling with a newly assigned or generic UPC's required.

Kitting can include repair kits, various parts, various items, promotional/informational kits, and many other items.  Kits can range from pcket-sized folders to large boxes, cartons, or even pallets of product in kits to be shipped. 

Work with us to let Male Logistics compile the components you need into the kits you require for your manufacturing facilities.



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