Customer Reporting

The quality rework, sort, fulfillment and other services we offer isn't enough.  If you can't get the level of customer reporting you need, quality service isn't complete.

We have developed a secure Customer Reporting portal here where each of our customers can access their daily rework, sort or fulfillment orders.  Our management staff will work with your support staff to provide them with a user name and a logon to our system.  Each night our staff will input completed work orders, many with photos of rework completed, and your appropriate staff will have access to our reporting at the beginning of your next business day.

Please click here to see a sample of our rework orders.  You can view a short customer reporting system demo of the level of reporting that your staff will receive on their end.

Our primary goal is to keep you informed with up-to-date information and reporting on the work we're accomplishing for your company in a timely and accurate manner.



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