Outsourcing your parts sorting makes good economical sense, saves you money in several ways and adds profit to your bottom line. 

On some occasions your products are created and then some form of defect may be found by your customers.  When this happens, there are numerous conditions that may affect the safety, quality, identity, or usability of the product.  Male Logistics can re-sort products to your specifications, finding and culling out products containing the defects.  Our sort staff can then repackage both good and bad products offering disposal options of the defects per your instructions and request.  Our staff visually inspects each product and takes the appropriate steps according to your instructions.  We can also provide any required reporting and statistical analysis of the affected items to your company to help track any defective parts found.

We offer manual parts sorting and third party sorting on a contractual basis to help your company assure that the parts supply to auto manufacturers are of consistent high quality. Our parts sorting services will save your company money if you consider the expense of in house part sorting.  By using Male Logistics, you do NOT need to dedicate space within your manufacturing facilities for parts sorting and auto parts reworking. You can dedicate your space to useful production and events directly related to your operations.  We save you the expense of hiring qualified employees or temps to handle all of your parts supplier sorting.  Relieve the burden on your payroll and benefits cost by using Male Logistics.



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