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Male Logistics offers a total material management from the time the product leaves the customer facility, until it is required by our customers as certified material.  We provide warehousing to help reduce customer inventory, assist in optimizing space at customer's facilities and reduce your manpower required for material handling.  As part of our warehousing service, we stock scrap material and completed components until customer disposition is required.

At Male Logistics, we have the capacity to warehouse your inventory for whatever duration of time you might require.  In addition to warehousing and storage of your products, we can also handle your fulfillment services to replenish orders of stored inventory by picking, packing, and shipping those orders per your orders and your request.  All these services are provided with your required service level in mind.  By utilizing our warehouse space for your inventory and inventory management, you can eliminate the need for your company to invest in additional warehouse space and equipment.  Our warehouse facility is located within just a few miles of the Louisville Airport and the UPS WorldPort headquarters so shipping is a breeze.  See the map below to see how we are centrally located to a majority of the nation's population.  We believe that you will find that warehousing and fulfillment provided by Male Logistics will have a positive impact on your transportation, warehousing and fulfillment internal costs.

Male Logistics offers total material management of your products and material from the time they leave the customer facility until it is required by costumer as certified material. 

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